Alas, without a time machine I find myself without time to make a proper post. This evening, I was out with my good friend Tyson and several others to celebrate his return to our fair city and more importantly, the official receipt of PhD.

More than half a decade of effort culminated in a short ceremony yesterday where Bone got to wear the floppy hat, sit up on stage, and get his degree before those undergrad anklebiters. Good job Tyson!

Dinner tonight was at Tomokazu, an all you can eat sushi joint on Broadway. These places can by hit or miss, usually miss but this particular restaurant was quite nice. The decor was pleasant and more importantly, the food was top notch! The salmon sashimi was melt-in-your-mouth good!

Tyson, it was good seeing ya and let’s hope we can meet up before next summer.

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