Has anyone else been getting ads for gold all over the Internet? I sure have. It’s mainly concentrated on Twitter but when I click on a Tweet, I’ll sometimes get the same ad for gold repeated multiple times in the replies to the Tweet. I’ll scroll in my feed and a gold ad will be there after every fifth Tweet or so. It’s quite pervasive.

To be clear, the ad isn’t to sell my gold to a pawn shop or to buy gold from a 1-800 number, it seems like the ad was created by “big gold”, similar to “big oil” or “big tobacco”. Why they decided to target me is a mystery. Gold is expensive, while I am poor. I don’t even know where I’d go buy gold even if I wanted do. Though I guess if I really wanted to figure that out, I could click on the ad, which I have yet to do.

I really wonder how “big gold” decided they needed a blitz of an ad campaign. Are people buying less gold these days? Are people on social media the best candidates for buying gold?

Well, good luck “big gold”, I am in no position to buy your products.

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