I am still seeing ants in my bathroom, despite my efforts. I know the changes I’ve made, however, have forced the ants to change their behaviour. I used to see a lot of ants underneath my sink, in the cabinet itself. Now, the ants seem to be almost entirely traversing along the left side of the cabinet, where it meets the wall.

On top of the cabinet is the granite countertop and in the corner, I found a tiny small hole where it wasn’t completely sealed. I saw an ant go in there, so I sealed it off. This appeared to confuse the ants, because I see the ants climb up there and they just wander around. I feel like this hole was definitely a major thoroughfare and now I’ve removed it.

So you might be wondering if they’re climbing up there, where are they still coming from? Great question. I have seen the ants appear the floor. The sink is located near the threshold between the bathroom and my bedroom. I sometimes see them on the doorjamb and then they make their way along the wall, to where it meets the sink cabinet, and then they climb. I still haven’t figured out where exactly they’re coming from. I feel like I’m close to getting this all buttoned up but I need to do more observation. Then again, I’ve felt like I’ve been close before and it turned out, I was not close at all. Still, I persist.

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