What you see above is a picture of an Uncrustable. I took this picture and I took in my own home. This is remarkable because at the beginning of this year, you could not buy Uncrustables in Canada. I even wrote a post about it.

Uncrustables became available to purchase in Canada a few months ago, probably around the beginning of the summer and I did not realize it. I bought my first two boxes this week. In Canada, they only have the strawberry/peanut butter and hazelnut spread varieties. In the US, they have two other options, plus even wheat bread choices.

To say I was excited to bring these home is understatement. I’ve been wanting to try these things for so long. Before I give my “review” however, I want to temper everyone’s expectations. These things are basically kids’ sandwiches. White bread with sugary filling like simulated jam, peanut butter, and fake Nutella. The gimmick is that the sandwiches are sealed and crustless. Once you keep that in mind and have that context and aren’t expecting lobster and steak, you’re in the right place to try these.

I will say the strawberry “spread” and peanut butter tastes better to me than the hazelnut one. Having the two different flavours gives it a more complex experience. The other one just makes it seem like you’ve spread Nutella on a piece of bread, it just feels a bit too homogeneous. It maybe also be a tiny bit too sweet for me. It’s not bad however.

In both cases, the bread is extremely soft and fresh. These things come frozen and you’re supposed to defrost them for 30 to 60 minutes before eating. The bread comes out really soft and pillowy. Also, as a child, I hated eating bread crusts, so this is right up my alley. It’s easy to eat from edge to edge.

It makes for a great snack and while I wouldn’t eat a whole box every day, they are darn tasty. I also recognize that anyone can take fresh bread, spread jam and peanut butter on it, and then cut off the crusts, to get a pretty good copy of an Uncrustable. These things have a certain charm and convenience to them.

I’ve already returned to the store to get the larger box of strawberry and peanut butter.

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