One of my goals in 2023 is to finally eat an Uncrustable. This snack, hailing from America (of course it would be), is essentially a crustless sandwich filled with sweet ingredients. They don’t sell these damn things in Canada, so my only options are to either visit the crazy United States or have someone bring them back to Canada for me. Neither option seems likely to happen in the next little while unfortunately.

There doesn’t exist another “option”, which is to buy this contraption on the Internet, so that I can make my own Uncrustables. The issue is that I don’t normally have peanut butter and jam in my home and I don’t want to buy a whole jars of peanut butter and jam just to make this homemade Uncrustable. In the best case scenario, even if I enjoy a homemade Uncrustable, I’d have to make a ton more to finish off a whole jar of peanut butter and jam.

I just want to try two or three authentic Uncrustables.

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