In a Zoom meeting, with a comment that was said so quickly, most people might have missed it, it was announced that the new studio that we’ve been waiting for more than a year would be ready for occupancy in February of 2023, as in, next month.

I am skeptical of the comment and I really don’t believe the new studio location will be ready in less than four weeks as of this writing. First, the last time we got an official update, we were told that because of supply chain issues, the earliest the studio would be ready was sometime in the spring of 2023. I seriously doubt the global shortage of everything has improved recently. Second, we’ve received no official emails about what to expect if indeed the location was going to be ready for occupancy in February. Third, in a contradictory message, someone who actually is helping with the studio opening re-affirmed that spring is the realistic timeline, not February.

Of course, the point is kinda moot for me. Most of the people I work with are located outside of Vancouver. So does it really matter if I take my Zoom meetings from home or at this new studio? To most of my co-workers, they won’t even notice the difference.

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