Sometimes I set my status on Slack with a little sandwich emoji with the word “lunch”. It’s like that for an hour. That way, people know I’m doing lunch things and if I don’t respond right away, that’s why.

I frequently take my lunches later in the day because I feel like at noon, I’m just getting into the groove of the day. Most often, noon is when I’m meeting free for the first time of the day, so to then suddenly stop work at noon feels like halting momentum.

Today, I took lunch at 3pm, which even for me is late. The reason I waited that long is because I had a meeting at 1:30pm that went to 2pm and then I had another meeting at 2:30pm. The half hour in between just wasn’t enough time for me to go get something, so 3pm was really my only option.

I wanted to use my lunch to get outside because I didn’t have a lot of outside time on Monday. So as soon as my meeting ended, I ran downstairs and headed down to the waterfront park to get a burger and fries. The weather was a bit cold and it was a cloudy and grey day. I had to wear a long sleeve shirt and pants. While I was eating, the wind picked up enough that I almost put on a jacket that I brought. I would not have blamed anyone if they had mistaken this for a crisp autumn day.

I got back home around 4pm and it did feel a bit weird that the end of my lunch was so close to the end of the day.

I have no meetings tomorrow, so lunch will be earlier in the day.

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