So it’s hard to believe there was a heat wave here in May. We’re in the back half of June now and it’s been rainy and cold for the last several days. It was cold enough today that I brought my winter robe back out and wore it during the work day.

This June has certainly been a cool and wet one in general, with just a few days of sunny weather here and there. There hasn’t really been any real need to use my air-conditioner. I did my dual-hose conversion and my A/C has been just sitting there.

This isn’t a complaint post though. The wet weather has lowered the forest fire risk. The air quality is good. The mild temperatures have also made it so that no one is uncomfortable. It’s a lot easier for the general population to put a jacket on than to find someway to cool their homes. This is especially important for seniors.

We’ll see what July and August bring.

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