A few years ago I stopped drinking Coke products. Before that I had whittled down my carbonated beverage consumption down to just Coke Zero. Personally, I find Coke is the most delicious out of all the carbonated beverages. Realizing that drinking copious amounts of sugar was bad for me, I switched to Coke Zero for many years. It tasted almost exactly like regular Coke but without sugar. I then decided that maybe drinking sugar substitutes wasn’t great either, so I stopped drinking Coke Zero as well.

As some of you know though, a few months ago, I started drinking Coke with coffee as a little “treat” from time to time. A few things are keeping my consumption of that low. First, it’s sold out frequently in almost every store that stocks it. Second, it’s expensive at over $3 for a single can in most stores. In comparison, you can almost get six cans of Coke in some places for $4.

One day last week, I was looking for some Coke with coffee but they were all sold out. My eyes wandered to the regular Coke selection and I saw a six-pack of these small Coke Zeroes that had no caffeine. They have these 222ml cans now, which is great if you want just a small hit of Coke without committing to a whole 355ml can. Anyways, I decided to buy this little six-pack. It was the first time I bought a six-pack of Coke in probably over half a decade.

In the course of about four days, I’ve had two of these little cans, so it’s not like I’m crushing a six-pack in a single day. I’m not sure if this is just a one-time thing. I’m hoping maybe it is. I don’t really need more soda in my life.

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