All the windows in my apartment are covered by venetian blinds which is what the developer installed when the building was completed. These things are dust magnets and I think I’ve cleaned them twice since I bought my place.

Cleaning blinds are a pain in the ass and I’ve only cleaned them in place which I realize now is a super inefficient way of doing it. The best way to do it is to remove them from their bracket and then dump the whole thing into the bathtub. You can then use the hand wand to spray water all over the blinds to wash them. I suppose you could also fill the tub with water and soap and do a soak as well. I think you might need to avoid getting the metal mechanism at the top wet but I’m not sure.

The issue is that I need to buy a new step ladder to reach the top of the blinds. My windows go all the way up to the ceiling and I only have a step stool that goes two feet off the ground. I’m short, so I need something taller. I see Amazon sells metal step ladders for around $60, so I’ll get one of those.

I do wonder though how easily these blinds will dry. I may need to put down a tarp in my living room and then use a towel to dry off as much water as I can. Well, I can try this with one of my blinds as a test.

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