I was nearly pooped on by a crow this evening. After dinner, I went for a walk and I had stopped by the river to watch the traffic cross a bridge. I was letting my mind wander when I heard a massive splat that was about a foot and a half away from me.

I looked down and there was a large, wet, and slimy pile of bird poop on the ground. It was very liquid and green. It was disgusting. I looked up and I just happened to stop very close to underneath a power line. A crow had been perched almost directly above me.

I took a step back and checked my shoes, my legs (I was wearing shorts), my shirt, and my head for crow poop. I luckily saw none and but that definitely my signal to keep walking.

Crows are smart and it’s very likely that crow knew I was below him and it purposely pooped to try to hit with it.

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