It was a public holiday today in the United States as it was Memorial Day for them. Since my American co-workers had the day off, it was day with no meetings and ample time to do focused work without any distractions. I wrote about this before but I haven’t changed my opinion, such days are great work days. I’m able to get lots done.

Since I had no meetings to rush back to, I was able to go out for lunch. The local parks in my area have opened their concession stands for the entire summer now. I’m a sucker for their burgers and hot dogs. Today, I walked down to the waterfront park and I had a burger, fries, and a drink while sitting next to the river. My entire lunch cost exactly $10 which is a steal in these times.

After lunch, I took a leisurely stroll in the sun back to my place. Before long, it was already the end of the work day. I actually thought to myself that I didn’t want the day to end, it was so peaceful and productive.

It’s not often a work day is so pleasant, but today was one such day. I can’t wait for July fourth!

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