About a month ago my employer announced they were gonna lay off 6% of the workforce. At the time of the announcement some of those layoffs had already happened but many of them were still to come.

On Wednesday, those lay offs continued. I am involved in a long e-mail thread with many people, trying to diagnose a technical issue. I was told one of the people in this thread was laid off and they wouldn’t be continuing the discussion nor offering any more of their knowledge to the problem anymore. One day he was helping us with this problem and the next, he’s just gone.

I’ve heard from other sources that a bunch of other people got laid off as well, so this was not a one-off thing. I have no clue how many people were affected today or if more layoffs will happen later until they get to the 6%.

I hope these people were given decent severance. I’m not even sure what the job seeker market is like out there. With all the other layoffs happening elsewhere, it can’t be that great.

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