There is an apartment on my floor that has their front door facing the elevators. As such, in the years I’ve lived here, I noticed a few things about this apartment as I’ve stood waiting for the elevators.

For many years before the pandemic and probably about two years into it, whoever lived in there was either very quiet, not there frequently, or probably a combination of both. I saw the tenant once in all that time.

A few months ago, this gentlemen either got evicted or left on his own accord. A note that was placed on his door sorta makes the eviction option more likely as it stated he hadn’t paid his rent for a while but I can’t be certain why he ultimately left.

Since then, it’s been very difficult to figure out who lives there now. Once I saw a woman at the doorway of the apartment speaking to what appeared to be a contractor. They were discussing some work that could be done to the apartment. I could only assume this women was the owner of the apartment, the landlord.

Then I saw a young couple leaving the apartment and we shared an elevator together. I saw them again a few days later. This made me assume these were the new tenants.

Oddly, I haven’t seen them again and just a few weeks later, a middle-aged woman leaving the apartment. Was this a relative of one of the tenants?

Then, just this week I saw an older couple leaving the apartment and we shared an elevator downstairs as well. All these people were of different ethnicities and ages. I saw all these people in course of two months or so.

I can’t figure out who is living there now.

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