My brother-in-law shared a video this week of my niece counting to five aloud. This was quite a milestone. She turned two in December and has been babbling toddler words for a while. They don’t quite make sense and her parents have to translate what they mean to those who don’t know.

She definitely understands words better than she can say them though. When you ask her to point out colours, she’ll know which ones they are. She also knows parts of your face like ears and noses. She even knows who is uncle, grandmother, and grandfather.

Back to counting though, like I said, this is a milestone. To know the order in which you count up and to also understand the concept of quantities is good progress for a toddler. I maybe biased but I think she’s a smart little kid.

I’m seeing my niece on Saturday and I hope we can count some toys or coins together.

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