Recently, I wrote about a post about when the new studio location would be ready for people to work in (if they wanted to go in for work). They said it was going be February but I knew that wasn’t realistic. It turns out they weren’t too far off of that. We received updated news this week that the Vancouver portion of the team that I work with is slated to be given the ok to work in the new location starting March 6th.

Of course we live in different times now compared to when we were all together last. Some people have moved away from Vancouver and will stay remote. Others are still in or around Vancouver but still have no interest in returning to the studio. Some will do a hybrid of remote and on location. Lastly, some will go old school and do five days a week at the new location.

I know that many, many months ago when we were all asked to choose one of those options, I marked down that I wanted to be hybrid. That makes less sense now. Most of the people I work with directly are not located in Vancouver. No matter if I worked from home or in the new studio, my main methods of communication would still be Slack and Zoom. The only question is, do I want to wake up early, slog through a commute on both ends of my day, just so I can do Slack and Zoom at the studio. Most of the time, the answer to that will be no.

The only real reason for me to go in will be perhaps for social reasons, To chat with people I haven’t seen in a while. Maybe there might be a free food day or something. Otherwise, I’ll get more sleep, be more efficient, and have more time for myself if I continue to work from home.

I’m open to change however, so I’ll see how the studio opening goes. I might drop by in March, just to take a look. I’ll take pictures of course.

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