On late Friday evening, the toilet bowl handle mechanism in my bathroom broke. This meant that if I wanted to flush my toilet, I had to take the top off the tank and then manually pull the lever. Needless to say, this is a huge hassle if you wanna flush the toilet.

A combination of being lazy and having to get ready for my niece’s birthday party on Saturday meant that I couldn’t get a replacement part on that day. On Sunday, I had much more free time, so I managed to get the part in the afternoon, even though it snowed heavily in the morning.

I thought I had lots of time to do the repair, so I left it until after dinner time. It was at that point I realized that I didn’t have a wrench big enough to remove the existing but broken mechanism. At this point, I wasn’t about to go outside again in the cold and snow to look for a new wrench.

I’m about to go bed and I just urinated. I’m still having to take the top off the tank and pull the lever to flush. I better get that new wrench tomorrow.

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