During my lunch break, I went across the street to the dollar store and bought a $6 pair of pliers so I could remove the nut holding my busted toilet bowl handle in place. Once that was done, it was easy to remove the whole handle assembly. With that out of the way, it was another minute of fiddling to get the new handle assembly in place.

I had a choice to get a white handle or a chrome one. I went with the chrome one because it matched what I had before and I also like shiny things. I probably should have replaced it much sooner. For a long time, the handle felt “mushy” when I went to flush, like I could press down on the handle quite a distance and nothing would happen. Only in the last 10% of the travel would it feel like the flush was starting.

The new handle feels “crisp” and responsive. The flush happens almost as soon as you move it, like it’s on a hair trigger. It feels good.

I invite all my readers to come urinate and/or defecate in my toilet bowl and feel the excellence yourself.

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