I have been using the same desk/office chair for probably about ten years now. This is the chair I’ve spent countless hours in while gaming on my PC, watching pornography YouTube, and now with the pandemic, going on almost two years of work from home. It’s not the most comfy chair but my lack of back problems has most likely led to me not changing chairs until now.

Many people got better desk chairs once work from home became a thing but it took me until now to finally upgrade to a better chair. At first, I thought I was maybe going to get a “gaming” chair but it didn’t take long to realize those things are ultimately are not my style. I then realized I get a discount through work for a few companies that sell chairs and desks. At work, we have Herman Miller chairs but even with a discount, those chairs are more than I’m willing to pay.

I finally settled on an ErgoChair from Autonomous. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that a $2,000 chair might have but it’s undoubtedly an upgrade from the $90 chair that I think was purchased from Staples or Office Depot. The padding in the seat of my old chair had flattened so much, I was basically sitting on a hard surface. My new chair has a thick padded seat that offers support. My old chair also had no lumbar support because the back of chair didn’t even go all the way down. I now had lumbar support with the new chair.

Overall, this new chair will promote better posture for me and ensure I won’t get back problems as I work and game.

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