I’ve decided to paint my apartment. This makes sense logically since most of my belongings are still packed up from when my floors were installed last week. My baseboards are also still not attached to walls yet, so that also makes it convenient.

I’ve never been 100% happy with the colour of the walls of my apartment. When I bought it, the walls were and continue to be this very safe and boring beige colour. The same colour was used in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. It’s just a bland colour.

I’ve decided to repaint my apartment with a very clean and pure white. It’ll go better with my new floors and it will be a timeless colour. It’ll also brighten up my entire apartment.

I am not going to paint my apartment myself. That would be a massively dumb decision. I’m gonna leave it up to the experts. I’ve already have one painting company come in and take a look. They gave me a quote and how long it will take. They said they’d be done in three days. That includes painting the walls, window sills, baseboards, closets, closet doors, doors, and door trim. They’ll even re-install my baseboards for me.

I have another company coming into to give a second quote, just so I can do a comparison. I have no idea how much painting job costs, so I figure it’s just smart to get a second quote.

By January, my apartment should look like a completely new place.

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