This weekend my parents asked me to help them with some packages that were delivered to their home by mistake. These were Amazon packages and they weren’t the first set of packages to show up at their door that were for someone else. They said they’ve received many of them but they just leave it at their door hoping the right recipient can track them down.

I decided to help them by calling Amazon to see if they can get their delivery service to correctly delivery these packages instead of leaving them on my parents’ doorstep. Amazon was more than willing to try to figure out what was going on. I gave them the tracking number of the latest set of packages, which they used to find out who was missing their stuff. The rep I talked to said he’d take care of everything and that my parents could keep everything that had been delivered to them. I had to ask twice to confirm that they could take possession of the items. I had not heard wrong.

After I got off the phone with Amazon, I phoned my parents and told them to bring all the boxes inside and that they could open them all and keep everything. I was hoping they’d get some expensive electronics. My Mom texted me some photos and they mostly got stuff for babies and young children. Nothing too crazy but hey, free stuff is free stuff. Luckily, my niece is almost a year old now and these items will be suitable for her.

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