As many of you know, Canadian comedian Norm Macdonald passed away today after a long, courageous, and private battle with leukemia. Norm remains one of my favourite comedians, who I first noticed when he was at the “Weekend Update” desk at Saturday Night Live. He later became well-known for his appearances on various late-night talk shows, namely David Letterman and Conan O’Brien.

I had the pleasure and honour of seeing Norm Macdonald perform live once, about six years ago. In typical Norm fashion, he was dressed in what looked like a windbreaker, as if he was going on a walk outside but decided to step inside briefly to do his set for us spontaneously.

Norm was funny in a way that no one else could be, probably because no one else could match his comedic genius. He was taken from this world far too soon. All we have left are our memories of Norm, but what memories they are.

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