I recently renewed my car insurance and as part of the process, I had to put on a new decal on my license plate. As such, I’ve been looking at the decals on the cars in my parking garage. This is when I noticed the car that is parked next to mine has a decal that indicates that their insurance expired in March of 2021. As some of you know, it is no longer March of 2021. Indeed, it is six months past that.

Now this might not be a huge deal if my parkade neighbour wasn’t driving their car but there have been multiple times where I’ve seen that car not be parked in their spot. I’d say it’s gone multiple times a week in fact. One can only logically conclude that the car has been driven away. In this country and province, it is illegal to drive without valid car insurance.

Why would my parkade neighbour break the law and more importantly, why would they put themselves in a situation where they maybe liable for a massive amount of money? How could they continue to pay for rent or the mortgage in the building but not have enough money to pay for car insurance? I’m not saying I live in a luxury building but this is not some welfare shack either.

Perhaps they did renew their insurance but forgot to put on the new decal. That’s a possibility but that would be an odd thing to forget. Another mystery to solve.

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