One week ago today, I received a Moderna vaccine shot. Having had a AstraZeneca shot for my first, I am one of those who mixed and matched different vaccine technologies.

As some of you might recall, I had a fairly large immune response to my first shot. I had an incredibly uncomfortable 16 hours of side effects, which included a debilitating headache, muscle aches, chills, and fever. Before my second shot was administered I was warned that there was a strong possibility that I would have just as an intense response or even greater. This warning alone was cause for concern but the day after my shot was forecasted as a dangerously hot day. I was afraid that I would have to deal with side effects plus the heat.

Oddly, I experienced virtually no side effects from the second shot. That’s not to say I was comfortable last Monday. The extreme heat was unbearable. It’s possible that perhaps I did feel some discomfort from the shot but it was masked by the effects of the heat. I can only say with certainty that the slight sore arm was caused by the shot and not the heat.

I am now one week away from being “fully” vaccinated and I am feeling an increasing sense of relief. The mask wearing policy given by public health officials in this province changed a few days ago and mask wearing is now just recommended in public indoor spaces for those who not fully vaccinated. I am taking this recommendation to heart as I believe adherence to public health guidance and vaccines has allowed this province to be reach this level of success.

One week to go.

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