Last night was an absolute challenge to weather the unbearable heat that has oppressed this province. I did not get a lot of sleep. The morning brought some surprising relief. There was the slightest of hint of breeze coming in through my windows.

The temperature dropped four degrees in the morning so that my apartment was “merely” 30 degrees Celsius. In non-crazy times, such a temperature would have been very uncomfortable but compared to 34 degrees, it felt like it was a crisp autumn day.

It hovered around 30 for most of the entire day. It was still uncomfortable to deal with such heat but I felt like it was a manageable situation, as opposed to yesterday where it felt like the Earth was on fire.

It’s almost bedtime for me now and the temperature has lowered even more, down to a “chilly” 29 degrees Celsius. I have been pretty much naked anytime I’m in my apartment since Saturday and tonight, I may actually put on a shirt before I crawl into bed.

I feel really tired because of the lack of sleep for two days in a row. I’m hoping the cooler temperature tonight will allow me to get a bit more rest. The forecast calls for another hot day tomorrow with a high of 29 degrees, and finally the weather cooling down to a more respectable 24 degrees by Thursday.

Will this be the only massive heat wave this summer? I don’t know.

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