About a year ago, I signed up for Disney+. I did it mainly for The Mandalorian. After I watched season one of that, I really did not find much else for me to watch. I watched a few Pixar movies I hadn’t seen in the theatres and a series of behind the scenes episodes for The Mandalorian. Those were the only things I watched that I felt like were of real interest to me. I was foolish and bought an annual subscription.

If you’re talking pure value, at least for me personally, Netflix has been a better choice. At the end of December, is when my annual subscription to Disney+ is up for renewal. I cancelled it. Season two of The Mandalorian is being dripped out week by week now. If there are eight episodes for season two, like there was for season one, I should be able to finish it all before I have no more Disney+.

Two weeks ago, I signed up for Amazon Prime, so that I could watch the new Borat movie. I was thinking I’d do the free month and then cancel but I have been pleasantly surprised. Amazon Prime is really good. The mix of original content and other movies and TV shows appeals to me. There’s a lot more there that appeals to my taste in entertainment. I’ve already binged all four seasons of The Man in the High Castle. I’ve now started watching The Boys as well. I will probably start paying for Amazon Prime, at least into the new year and see how it goes.

If Disney+ ever gets more content that I’d like to see, I’ll just wait until all episodes are available and just subscribe for a single month and then cancel again.

2 thoughts on “FIXING A MISTAKE”

  1. I find I split about 50/50 between Netflix and Disney, most recently watching The Right Stuff on Disney, which is really good. I’ve been increasingly disappointed with the increasing amount of low quality content on Netflix. Netflix is a bit like the Nintendo Wii. Everyone has it, and there is some good stuff, but it is easy to drown in the sheer scale of low-quality shovelware (if I see another crappy murder documentary advertised I may actually kill someone). Disney has far less content, but what is has is of much higher quality, and I expect that to grow with several big Marvel and Star Wars properties, plus the nice stuff coming out of the Natural Geographic section (like TRS).

    Of course, I also have a 7 year old, so Disney is a good place to find content we can all watch together, given a lot of kids shows are unbearable for parents, the Disney library is high quality in that area.

    I recently borrowed a login for Prime to watch Borat, and I agree, it was really nice, sort of a balance between the other two.

  2. I think that as an adult with no kids, I have less use for Disney+. This definitely factors into my satisfaction with it.

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