I bought a Pyrex measuring cup today. It has a two cup capacity. I’ve owned a plastic measuring cup for years now but that one now leaks from all the cracks in it. It developed cracks because I kept pouring boiling water into it. It wasn’t really designed to hold a liquid that hot. The quick change in temperature caused stress in the plastic and now the whole thing is covered in leaky cracks.

It started leaking during the pandemic. Instead of going to Starbucks, I began making my own coffee from instant. I used the plastic measuring cup to dole out the correct amount of boiling water. I guess the daily stress of hot water was too much.

So my new measuring cup is made of Pyrex, which isn’t invincible, but should stand up to the heat stress a bit better than the plastic. I was genuinely excited to get this new measuring cup. When you get old, things like a new measuring cup can make your life easier and more satisfying.

Ok, I’m going to bed early tonight.

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