The low tonight will be 1 degree above freezing. It has gotten quite cold very early for Vancouver this year. Normally it doesn’t get this cold until at least November. On Friday, someone on Slack said it was lightly snowing in downtown Vancouver. I can’t verify that as no one else reported the same and I didn’t see social media mentioning that either. Nevertheless, the chilly weather put it in the realm of possibility.

It was cold enough that I turned on the heater in the driver’s seat in my car. I’ve never owned a car that had such a feature, so the novelty of it all amused me. It felt very nice, warmed me up quickly. I know people have experienced this luxury for years but I’m still getting used to driving a modern car.

At home, I actually wore a toque and a light North Face jacket this evening while I watched TV. I steadfastly refuse to turn on the heat, so this is the next best thing to keep warm. As some of you remember, I don’t have any heating in my living room. The fake fireplace I removed some years ago was the heating. Before the pandemic started, I was receiving quotes from electricians on getting a new baseboard heater installed in the living room. The original plan was to have all of this done before the cold months began again. I need to contact the electricians again to see if they’re now willing to do residential work again. I understand see their hesitation. Going into people’s homes, not knowing their status, level of hygiene, and the amount of air circulation is a risky proposition. It’s risk for both the tradesperson and the home owner.

Of course, perspective is always useful in situations like this. While I complain about temperatures that just above freezing, Saskatchewan is already experiencing -15 degrees Celsius weather. It ain’t all that bad I guess.

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