Next month both Microsoft and Sony will release their new gaming consoles. I know many people will buy them as soon as they are able to but I’ll be waiting for a while.

There are a few reasons for this. First, I have a huge backlog of games I still need to get through on my PlayStation 4 and on my PC. These games have been bought and paid for, so it doesn’t make sense to spend more money when I have existing entertainment that I can consume. Second, these new consoles will probably be best experienced with a 4K TV that has high dynamic range capabilities. My current TV is a plasma display with a 1080p resolution and is about ten years old now. It works perfectly fine and I’m still happy with it but if I were to get one of these new consoles, it would require me to get a new TV to make the most of their abilities. So, it would be more logical to get like an OLED TV first before the console. Lastly, consoles are at their most expensive at launch. You pay for the privilege of being one of the first group of people on the planet to play games on the latest hardware. By waiting, you can probably save a few bucks when they’re discounted. Also, by then, all the launch issues should be ironed out, the game libraries will be larger, and the games themselves should be discounted as well.

It’s cool to be an early adopter but I have lots of reasons to wait.

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