I went to fuel up my car for the first time last week. As expected, it seems to be great with gas. Having bought the car in mid-September, it went almost a month without needing to visit the gas station. Yes, I don’t drive every day, so that helps but that first tank did get me to the airport and back, a few trips to my parents place, and some random jaunts to get food and supplies. My car’s computer tells me that my current fuel efficiency is 7.2L/100km, which is good if you compare it to my old vehicle. My 1994 Honda Accord, according to the Internet, would consume 10.2L/100km and that’s for a brand new one. With the aging Accord I had, I’m sure it guzzled more than that.

Not surprisingly, the tank capacity on my Corolla is less than on the Accord. The Accord had a 64.5L tank compared to a 50L tank in the Corolla. With a more fuel efficient car, I should be able to go farther on the same amount of gas or fuel up less, depending on how much I drive.

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