There is currently a rainfall warning for the greater Vancouver area. After last week’s fires, both continental and locally, the rain doesn’t seem so bad. The temperatures have also dropped a few degrees. For the first time in months, all of the highs this week will be below 20 degrees Celsius. Thankfully, the lows will still be in the teens.

It’s officially fall now, so the shorts will be going away, to be replaced by jackets, pants, hats, maybe even scarves? This is the first fall season I’ve experienced while enduring a global pandemic. I’ve read that there is some concern about going into the traditional cold and flu season with the pandemic. I can see how that would complicate things. I’m not really looking to have a very exciting fall season. Instead of things getting better, they seem to be getting worse now. The smart thing to do is to continue to limit your risks. I’m alright with that. My employer has stated there is going to be some sort of evaluation of the work from home situation in October. They’ve been prudent, smart, and logical about the situation since the beginning but my fear is that they do something stupid and declare a mass return to our studio locations. It doesn’t seem likely they would do that and I am sure if they did, there would be a considerable amount of people who would object and more than a few would quit their jobs in protest.

We’re less than three weeks away from Thanksgiving!

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