So I learned a neat trick a few days ago. There is a WordPress app that you can download and install for your smartphone. It allows you to write and edit posts directly from your phone. You can also read comments from people, edit comments, and delete spam comments. It essentially allows you to run your WordPress site from your phone. I’ve used it in the past to write posts if I was travelling or away from my computer.

Last week, I tried accessing this blog using the WordPress app. It didn’t work, it couldn’t grab the latest posts and comments. It looked like it was trying to log into my site but couldn’t. It was kinda odd since it worked before. The app was even up to date. Then, using a regular browser on my phone, I tried accessing this blog. It was not responding. It was as if this blog was down. Then I tried accessing the regular parts of this site, not related to WordPress at all. Those were unavailable as well. My initial thought that my entire site was down, that’s why the app didn’t work and why a browser couldn’t get anything from my site either. It turns out I was wrong.

After doing some experimenting, I realized that the app, somehow when it tries to log into my WordPress installation, it causes my entire site to be unresponsive for several minutes. I’m not sure why that is. My web host might be detecting the app as some sorta attack? Or is there a bug in the web server code that makes it not act nice with the app?

I think I may need to file a support ticket with either my host or WordPress to find out what’s going on.

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