I’ve had my eBay account for about twenty years and in that time I’ve sold exactly one thing with it and that was an early access invite link to a new Gmail account when the service was still new. As you might imagine, this was a long time ago, probably around 2004.

It’s taken a while but I’ve decided to sell some physical items on the online auction site. It’s all computer or telecom equipment that I’ve had lying around that I no longer use. In this first batch, I have some old DDR4 computer memory, an old Blu-ray drive that also plays HD-DVDs, and a DSL modem.

Since I’ve never sold something that I’ve had to ship, I’m still learning how much to charge for shipping. It’s my understanding that eBay helps you figure this out when you create your ad. I’m also not sure if I should include a “buy it now” price option for these items. It also doesn’t help that I have no clue how to price the Blu-ray drive nor the DSL modem. There doesn’t appear to be a big market for either of these specific models, so I can’t rely on a lot of previous sales. Though, the drive can be seen as somewhat of an interesting novelty because HD-DVDs are no longer a thing, so having a drive that can play one could be quite valuable to someone.

I’m looking forward to making some extra money!!!

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