As many of you know, I was in the process of trying to get a new baseboard heater installed in my apartment before the global pandemic occurred. This was going to be phase one of several in my home improvement plan. The next phases would have been dry wall repairs, new paint on at least two walls, and then the big project, new laminate flooring. If all of this was going to be like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the baseboard heater was going to be Iron Man.

To no one’s surprise, the electrician that I wanted to proceed with to do the work, stopped servicing residential homes in mid-March. Now, some three months or so later, I was curious to see if they were starting to provide residential service again. I sent out an e-mail today and they said they were still not going into homes for work. I completely understand why that is. Having their employees going inside, into strangers’ homes, where they don’t know the situation or can’t be sure of the status of everyone who lives in that home is a huge liability. Just for completeness, I e-mailed another electrical contractor and they also said they were not servicing homes just yet.

I guess I shouldn’t be impressed that these businesses are putting the health and safety of their employees first but in this day and age, nothing is a given, so I can’t help but be a bit happy these companies are taking things so seriously.

In the end, I told both contractors that I’m more than happy to wait for the right time to get all this work done.

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