So here’s an interesting factoid about the quick and immediate transition to working from home, at least for my employer. A significant number of employees, including myself, would frequently get packages delivered to work, instead of our homes, because it would be easier to get the packages that way.

It became quite formal process, where the mail room would accept the packages upon delivery, then lock the packages in a secure room, and then begin processing all the packages that came in. Even if you got a delivery notification, you wouldn’t be able to come down to the mail room to get your package until the mail room employees logged your package as being received and then figured out who it was for and then sent out an e-mail to the recipient. Because of this process and the number of packages arriving on a daily basis, some employees would have to wait up to two or three days before the mail room would send the e-mail out that they could come down and get their package, even as the package was sitting in the secured mail room. This got so frustrating to me that I began routing my packages back home or to a local post office instead since it wound up being faster.

Anyways, after we started working from home, there were packages already in the mail room and packages that continued to arrive at the mail room even after the quarantine started. The company decided that these packages would be held indefinitely until employees could return to work. That probably won’t happen until late 2020 or early 2021 in our case. So, there are many employees who have packages that they have paid for which are just sitting in a secured room at the studio, that they cannot pick up for the foreseeable future.

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