I had to clean up and consolidate some of my recycling today and I found a whole bunch of plastic containers that, at one time, held half a dozen muffins. I found four such containers. So by my limited math skills, this meant that since the quarantine started, I had consumed twenty-four muffins over the course of about thirty days.

I’ve tried my best to have a balance diet since I was forced to stay home. I wrote about this earlier but one of my indulgences has been french fries. The other has been muffins. Previous to the quarantine, I rarely bought muffins. I didn’t think they were a healthy choice since you can only buy six at a time and since I live alone, that automatically meant I had to eat all six if I didn’t want to waste food.

The quarantine changed my thinking a bit. I wanted something delicious and a bit indulgent. The muffins were also a practical choice. There were six of them, which meant I could eat one a day and they would last me almost a week. In times like this, it made sense to buy foods that would last several days. The muffins have also been made part of my routine. After I have my daily Zoom call with my team in the morning, I go and grab a muffin, split it in half, apply butter or margarine to each side, and heat it up in my toast oven. In a few short minutes, I have a warm, buttery muffin for breakfast. It’s a good way to start the day.

There are four empty muffin containers in my recycling container right now and another container in my fridge that currently holds five blueberry muffins. I’m not sure if I’ll be eating muffins daily when all of this is over but I sure am going to continue it while we’re all hunkered down.

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