I was feeling slightly optimistic about how things are proceeding in the province of British Columbia when on Monday, it was reported that at least twenty-eight workers at a Vancouver poultry processing plant tested positive for COVID-19. More than one worker at United Poultry admitted they went to work sick because they felt like they had to, otherwise they would not get paid. It’s unclear at this point if management at United Poultry actively made workers think this way or not. You’d think that if they did want sick workers to stay home, they’d go out of their way to make it crystal clear to all their employees. I know I don’t have all the facts but it doesn’t look good for management.

This one outbreak alone at the poultry processing plant was pretty much responsible for a spike in positive cases in the province. This just underlines the importance of not letting up and that putting your guard down for just a moment can lead to serious consequences. Everyone needs to be vigilant and see this through to the end.

As for this particular company, both provincial and federal authorities are now investigating their operations, as they should. I feel like they won’t be escaping any scrutiny for a long time.

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