When I was at Disneyland, I saw so many people who had bought Disney gear from the stores inside. People really get into the whole Disney thing, buying t-shirts, hats, jewelry, toys, pretty much anything you could brand with Disney, they sell, and people buy.

The mouse ears headband must be in the top three in terms of sales. I didn’t think those things are my style but at the same time, I wanted to bring something back that would be a reminder of my trip. I was at the Frontierland portion of the park, in one of the stores, when I happened upon a replica coonskin cap. These caps were all the rage in the 50s, when the Davy Crockett TV show was on the air. So many little boys had one at the time. I have never seen the show, nor am I a big wilderness fashionista but the coonskin cap was relatively cheap at $15 (the mouse ears are at least $25!) and it’s really unique looking.

I didn’t realize it until I brought it home but this cap also has value beyond its novelty. When I arrived back in Vancouver, I discovered the temperatures had dropped considerably since I left. It was below freezing at night now. With my refusal to turn on the heat for any lengthy period of time, I was chilled to my bones. As an experiment, I put the coonskin cap on and to my surprise, it keeps me rather warm. It makes an appreciable difference in how much it keeps the heat in. I wear it at home on most nights now and I kinda wish it would make a comeback fashion-wise.

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