I had dinner with two friends this evening and I took the train home. When I arrived at my station, I got off the train car, and I was greeted with a most peculiar sight. Amongst the many people who had also stopped off at this station was a man who had bought a TV. How do I know he had just bought a TV? Because he was trying to carry a 58″ Samsung TV, in the box, all the way home.

The box was massive and he was trying to balance it on his shoulders but with the size and weight of the box, he had to awkwardly tilt his head to one side. He seemed to not really know what to do next after getting off the train. He had brought the TV box past the fare gates. He went one way towards one end of the station, stopped, and then put the box down. He then picked up the box again, went the other way and stopped once more. I think he was trying to figure out the best way to get the TV down to street level. There are two sets of stairs and two elevators to choose from but it seemed like he wasn’t sure which option was the best.

It was really cold this evening, so I couldn’t watch him make up his mind, so I kept on going so I could warm up at home. Seeing a man trying to bring home a large 58″ TV, still in the box, using public transit brought up a lot of questions for me. Was this a planned purchase? Or did he happen upon a Black Friday sale and did an impulse buy? Was public transit the only option to get the TV home? Could he not afford, say a taxi home? Most people that can afford a brand new 58″ TV can probably also afford a few more dollars to take the TV home in taxi.

I hope that the man with the new TV got it home safely and is enjoying as you read this.

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