When I stepped off the train this evening after work I noticed the station was darker than usual and that the stores and restaurants were all closed. I then realized the power was off. After a long day of work, I had come home to an inconvenience.

I wondered how the restaurants coped. The people who were in the middle of their meals, did they get to finish them? How did they pay? How did anyone pay without power? The Safeway was all dark and locked up. Did everyone just abandon their groceries and leave? As I walked by the movie theatre, I could still seeing people coming out of there with popcorn. That would have sucked, being in the middle of movie and then the whole auditorium goes darker. You don’t even get the satisfaction of knowing how your movie ends. I bet the theatre had given out free tickets to another showing.

When I got inside my building, the back-up generator was only running one elevator. Of course, it was packed to the gills when it arrived to take everyone upstairs. I managed to get on but I believe the carrying capacity is much less when it’s on generator. It refused to go anywhere with that many people in it. I took one for the team and used the stairs instead.

After a long walk up nearly 30 flights of stairs, I got to my darkened apartment. I lit some candles and sat in the near darkness for more than an hour before the power returned.

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