For as long as I can remember, we have a library at work where employees can sign out movies and games to play at home. The library probably has almost two decades worth of movies and games on all the various forms of media that we have gone through as a civilization.

The library usually purchases new media about every two weeks. I made it a habit to look up what new items were in the library using the intranet site. For nearly two months, however, no new items have been added to the collection. Not a single game nor movie has been to the library. There has been no official communication as to why this has happened.

It’s fun to speculate, so I’ll do that now. I believe this was done because of cost-cutting measures. I bet we won’t get new items in the library until the new fiscal year arrives, which means many more months of barren shelves at the library.

I’ll ask the people working the library desk tomorrow.

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