Almost two hours before my alarm was supposed to go off I was awoken by the sound of construction. I had no clue what the sound was, except that it was loud, annoying, and prevented any kind of sleep. I knew it was not pile-driving (the sound of which I’ve endured a lot of in the last year) but that’s all I knew.

The infernal racket lasted until my alarm went off but such an alarm was not necessary this morning as I was already awake. I started the day off in a tired state and I knew it would not be that great of a day. Once I got on the train, I could see from above what was causing the noise. It was equipment that was pumping concrete for the new sidewalks at the new apartment block next door. The bottom of the complex is being finished and I guess the sidewalks are ready to be made.

I’m exhausted now and I hope they did whatever they needed to do today and don’t have to do it again tomorrow.

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