Last week I ordered a set of Bluetooth headphones. Several days earlier, I had been washing dishes at the sync and trying to watch a video on my laptop, which was on my dinner table. The sound of the running water and the dishware in the sink was so loud that it drowned out most of the audio. I’ve had this problem for a while. I wondered how great it would be if I had a pair of wireless headphones that I could wear while I did housework.

Previous to this, I had no real reason to buy such a device. I don’t listen to music while commuting and I’m not the type to listen to music when I’m out and about. So, it was my first foray into researching wireless headphones. My first discovery was that you could spend hundreds of dollars on such things. At the time of writing, the two best reviewed devices are Bose and Sony, both offering noise cancellation, and both at nearly $500 each.

I was not prepared to pay anything close to that. What I did find was a pair of Bluetooth headphones that were less than $40, with over a thousand 4.5/5 star reviews on Amazon. They arrived today and I just happened to have some dishes to wash this evening. Wow, watching videos while doing housework is so much better now. The headphones are really comfortable and they fit well enough to isolate a lot of the outside noise. They have no active noise cancellation at all but I don’t need such fancy things right now. I also relish the freedom of not having a wire to worry about. I was watching a video on my laptop and I needed some water. I instinctively reached up to take off the headphones because I was going to get up but I caught myself. These things had no wires. I continued to listen to the audio while I went to the kitchen. Amazing.

I feel like I am an old man discovering technologies that young people take for granted and have taken granted for a long time. I bet in 2030, I’ll be blogging about how awesome the holo VR sex sims are and I’ll wonder why I waited five years to try it.

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