The temperatures dropped rapidly last week, down to the freezing level and below. With the temperature, the relative humidity also dropped. Last year I bought a hygrometer to measure the humidity. It showed that it went from about 50% to the low 30s. Accordingly, my skin got dry and uncomfortable.

I immediately went down to my storage locker and brought out the humidifier, which I also bought last year. This thing is now basically running the entire time I’m at home, while I’m sleeping as well. I’m currently keeping things at 45% relative humidity in my bedroom. Perhaps I’ll try to get it more moist in there. Heyo! I might push it to 50% as my hygrometer is still saying it’s too dry for how cold it is.

I recommended it last year and I’ll recommend it again, get a humidifier during the winter months, especially if you’re prone to sinus infections like I am. Your life will be much more comfortable.

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