The greater Vancouver area has been blanketed by heat and a layer of smoke for the last week or so. Usually the visibility on a hot summer day without clouds is in the vicinity of kilometers in every direction. I can normally see Mount Baker to the south and Mount Seymour to the north. This week the mountains have disappeared and a layer of smoke hangs in the air, all of this from the wildfires burning across this province.

The smoke has gotten so bad there is now an air quality warning that has been issued across British Columbia, including Vancouver. I’m not sure if it’s because I was recovering from a common cold last week, if it’s just the smoke, or a combination of both but I’ve been suffering with a mild cough for the last few days. It sorta feels like a cough you might get when you’re sick but it’s also somewhat different. I’m having a difficult time trying to explain it.

I don’t think I could live in a mega-city with constant smog problems, like Beijing. I also feel for the dinosaurs, they must have had it pretty rough when that asteroid hit. I wonder how dinosaurs coughed.

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