The core components of my home computer date back to 2008. I got these components as spare parts when United Front Games was giving away stuff back in 2014. I was working there and was lucky to grab them. These parts were about six years old back then and now they’re nine years old. In computer terms, I’m running ancient stuff. Newer games are beginning to run slow on my machine so I decided it was time to get some new parts.

To save money however, I decided to get the bare minimum of new parts: a CPU, motherboard, and memory. Notice I didn’t include a new graphics card in that list. More on that later. I’m going to continue to use all the other parts in my computer, like the power supply, CPU cooler, hard drives, case, and fans. This is a budget upgrade, trying to keep costs low. I’ve deferred the graphics card upgrade until the end of the summer as stupid cryptominers have reduced card supplies to nothing and driven up prices exorbitantly.

Upgrading my computer will be a pain in the butt as I’m probably going to need to move over to Windows 10 as well. My home computer will be out of action for at least a whole weekend as I’ll need to install a new OS, download all the required programs that I need, and tweak everything to my liking. A first-world problem for sure but still a pain. The last of the new parts, the new memory arrived today so I might embark on this journey this long weekend.

2 thoughts on “GHETTO UPGRADE”

  1. Pics of your frankenCPU?

    I had to regurgitate the people I previously supervised and it took about 90 seconds for me to remember your name. (Sorry it took that long). I kept thinking ” ‘Ernest Tang’…. no that’s not right….”

    Thank goodness Google finds almost anyone nowadays, with a few keywords.

    Glad I’m not the only one with an old computer. Mine is 2011 vintage. 1st gen Xeon E3. I bought a 1.2TB Intel PCI-E SSD last month which cost more than my entire computer is worth. I put it in my machine, but it wouldn’t POST! argh. So now, do I return the SSD or buy a new motherboard+CPU+RAM and maybe new Power supply? at that point, I might as well get a new case and just have an entirely new machine.
    So many projects and so little time, so just considering buying a Dell Xeon workstation instead.

  2. Hi George! My current rig has an i7-920, which arrived in the market in 2008. The 12Gb of RAM I have is about the same age. The latest components I have in there are a 120 Gb SSD and an Radeon R9 270 video card from 2013.

    I’ll see if I have any pics lying around.

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