About an hour ago I tried to log into my WordPress to write a post. I couldn’t event get the log-in screen to come up. There was an error message say something about the site administrators not allowing such an action. I’d never seen that before.

I went to my hosting company’s web site to get some support. They have live support 24/7 which is convenient. I started up a chat window and it took the support person about fifteen minutes to look into my specific site to see what the issue was. Apparently they had disabled the log-in for my WordPress installation because of security concerns. This of course alarmed me so I asked for more details. I was told that it was nothing to do with my site specifically but they had disabled many such sites on their shared hosting because of possible DDoS attacks. They re-enabled my site log-in, which is why you’re reading this now. Alright, well that was fun.

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