Several months ago I mentioned in a post that I was working on a game that featured an Oscar-winning actor in one of the roles. This weekend at EA Play 2017, EA revealed details about Madden 18, including a story mode which features Mahershala Ali, who won an Oscar for Moonlight.

I’ve been working on Madden 18 since mid-December in a temporary assignment to the team in Orlando. As this is their first year using the Frostbite engine, it’s been all-hands on deck to get this thing out the door. I do all my work remotely, which is possible since it’s all code and data. There’s actually quite a few people in Vancouver who are working on Madden 18 as well. What I’m working on specifically in the game isn’t too exciting however and it doesn’t really touch any of the story mode stuff.

My temporary assignment ends once this month is over. I wasn’t expecting to have a video game credit for this calendar year but I will now. As a software engineer, this is only the second time I’ve worked on an EA Sports title, the first being Fight Night Champion. Madden 18 is out on August 25, 2017!

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