This weekend marks the unofficial start of E3 2017, which means it’s been about a year since I went to my first E3 in Los Angeles. Though I used my industry credentials to get in, I was not formally working at E3 so it was purely a vacation for me.

That was such a fun week. I went with my friend Garrett, who is also in the games industry. It was also the first time we traveled together. E3 this year is slightly different in that they will now officially let non-industry folks into the expo. Yes, prior to this, non-industry people still scammed their way in but now the flood gates are open. This may reflect upon me badly but I’m of the opinion it’s a better experience for industry people when the general public isn’t there.

Well, I’m not going this year but I’m sure there are quite a few people I know who are. I hope they have fun!

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