I know some of my readers don’t like it when I refer to myself as “daddy” but this is my show so we’ll continue to go with it. Yes, after the hell month that was January, where I was ill with both a sinus infection and a month-long spell of diarrhea, I had healthy February. I felt fine the entire span of those 28 short days. Alas, my luck would not continue into March.

On Saturday I noticed a slight tickle in my throat, that tell-tale sign that something was wrong. I ignored it as I had a weekend to enjoy and I hoped that a good night of sleep would make it go away. That hope was misplaced as I woke up to a slightly sore throat. As the day wore on I also detected some slight nasal congestion.

This morning I woke up and my sore throat was gone but now my sinuses are even more congested. I didn’t feel terrible enough to make it a sick day but I wasn’t exactly feeling wonderful either. I had a pretty meh day at work where I sneezed a couple of times.

This evening my sinuses continued to get more congested. It’s still not anywhere close to what I experienced in January where I had to breath through my mouth or else I wouldn’t get any oxygen. If one were to look for a silver lining perhaps that’s it.

Being sick sucks. Maybe I’ll take a sick day tomorrow.

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